We believe in using tech for good.

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Hack4Impact uses technology to create lasting and impactful social change.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collaborates with nonprofits and socially responsible organizations to develop software that addresses social and humanitarian needs. In three years, we have built 24 projects for 19 clients. Together these projects comprise over 400,000 lines of code and have been visited thousands of times.

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Hack4Impact has had an incredible amount of success with our model. Now, we are starting to expand and support Hack4Impact chapters at other universities.

Why Start a Hack4Impact Chapter?

Technical skills

By building projects for real clients and users, you will improve as a software engineer and gain real-world expertise.


We've found that working together towards a common goal is the best ingredient for building strong friendships for life.


In founding a chapter, you leave a lasting, positive mark on your school for years to come.

How can we help?


With our name and reputation, your chapter will have credibility from the beginning.


We will source your first project for you, work with you to organize a project roadmap, and help you get started on development.


Our alumni are dedicated to coaching you throughout the process of starting a chapter, recruiting students, and finding your own projects.

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We are now accepting chapter applications. Click the link below to apply today.

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